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2023 Sandy Mountain Rules & Regulations (May 13-Oct 9)




Basic Park Rule: Have respect and consideration for your fellow campers and the park


Service Requests: ALL service requests must be made at the office or on  No requests are to be made to staff working outside of the office.


LOUD NOISE-DISTURBING OTHERS:  please keep the volume of your music, and your voices, to a reasonable level AT ALL TIMES.


QUIET TIME:  Sunday to Thursday-11pm-8am, Friday to Saturday-12am-9am.  Everyone under age 19 must be on their lot by 11pm.  No exterior generators or power equipment. If your neighbor is too noisy, tell him about it nicely: if that doesn’t work tell us.


Parents are responsible for the actions of their children at all times.  Minors may not be left on the property unsupervised.


OCCUPANCY:  rate includes 1 trailer, 2 adults & 2 dependent children (under 18 living at home). Any trailer occupying a lot will be charged season fee whether in use or not. Picnic tables not included.  Trailers to be kept in good repair, lots to be kept neat & free of rubbish and debris.  Not to be used for storage of junk, trailers, vehicles or boats.  Vehicles to be parked on your own lot.  All trailers must be insured and have holding tanks.  Please notify office by Sunday if the grey water site tank or trailer black holding tank needs to be emptied.


Building/Construction:  No construction on weekends. No construction may be done without prior written approval.  This includes, decks, sheds, roofs, etc.  Only 1 storage shed (no larger than 6x8x7) permitted. Decks no larger than 240 sq. ft. No additions. Please check before digging.


CONTRACTS & FEE’S: ½ of your fee is due by May 13, 2023.  The balance is due by June 13, 2023.  Do not enter our property until we have received your contract and payment.  We are not able to deal with contract’s, fee’s, or turning hydro on over the May long weekend.  $300 non-refundable deposit required by August 31, 2023 to leave your trailer on site beyond October 9th, 2022.  Please note that a gate card may be required to gain access during peak periods. Gate cards require a $20 deposit.  Do not lend your gate card to anyone or let anyone through the gate with it.




GARBAGE:  If you wish us to dispose of your garbage, it can be left in the dumpster at the office for $2/bag.  “Bagged garbage only.”  Recycling must be separated (containers vs. fibers) and in transparent plastic bags and brought to the office.  We will not get rid of your appliances, furniture, building materials etc.   Burning garbage is not permitted.  Yard waste may be put in leaf bags at the edge of your site for pickup.  Please do not leave leaf bags out when rain is forecast.


APPLIANCES:   fridge-not permitted inside metal sheds.  Air cond.-must be off if you’re not there and not permitted inside add-a-rooms.   WASHERS/DRYERS NOT PERMITTED.  No household toilets.  Outdoor lights etc. not to be left on while you’re gone home.


POOL: Open Canada Day to Labour Day.  Ensure you read pool rules.


PETS:  Must be cleaned up after and kept on a leash.  Not permitted inside pool enclosure, on golf course, or in store.  Must be kept quiet. Please do not leave waste bags in garbage cans in public areas; they can be disposed of with your regular garbage.


WATER:  our water is supplied by 1 drilled well, therefore washing of trailers and vehicles is not allowed, lawn watering only for new seed before 8am and after 8pm.


VISITORS: (anyone who is not a registered camper) Must be registered.  Must leave by 11pm, and are the responsibility of the camper.


GOLF COURSE:  Registered Golfers Only Permitted on Course. 

If you are not a member you must register before entering.  If you are golfing outside office hours, you must sign in on the sign in sheet and pay using the honour box or e-transfer before you play.  No one under the age of 12 permitted on the course without a registered adult golfer.  No unregistered persons or pets allowed on course.  Only those with a disability affecting their ability to walk the course are allowed golf carts on the course and must receive approval from the office.



  •  No trailer rentals. No one is to use your trailer unless they register at the office and pay the nightly site fee.

  • Please remove anything tied to trees at end of season: leaving them can kill the tree

  • No motorcycles, mini bikes, A.T.V.’S.  Anyone driving a motorized vehicle or golf cart must be an insured licensed driver and must abide by the park speed limit and provincial laws.  You can be charged with impaired driving on a golf cart or any other motorized vehicle.

  • No electric golf carts are permitted.


Unless it is an emergency there will be absolutely no business conducted at our personal residences.  If you require assistance, you can call 613-989-2058 or email  Thank you for your consideration of our private home life. 


The use of your site is for recreational use only, not residential.  The occupant shall pay any taxes or fees imposed by any authority as result of any fixtures or improvements by the occupant.


The campground assumes no responsibility for any loss through fire, theft, collision or otherwise to trailers, additions, improvements or cars or their contents, regardless of cause.  The occupant agrees that the use of the campground or its facilities is solely at the risk of himself, his family and guests.  The Occupant, his family and his guests, for themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE the Campground, his agents, servants, successors and assigns OF AND FROM ALL CLAIMS, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action, whether in law or equity, in respect of death, injury, loss or damages to himself, his family or guests or their property HOWSOEVER CAUSED, arising or to arise by reason of occupation of the above mentioned site and use of the campground or otherwise, whether prior to, during or subsequent to this AND NOTWITHSTANDING that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of any of the aforesaid.  The Occupant further undertakes on his own behalf and on behalf of his family and guests to indemnify all the aforesaid from and against any and all liability incurred by any or all of them arising as a result of or in any way connected with this license.


In the event that this site shall be repossessed under the terms of this license, any goods including any trailer that the Occupant has left on the site shall be deemed to be an article as defined by the Repair and Storage Liens Act of Ontario, (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”), may be removed by the Owner, who shall be deemed to be a lien claimant and storer under the Act, to whatever location the Campground deems appropriate and the Owner in such removal and storage will not be responsible for any loss or damage to such goods.  The Occupant will be responsible for any storage costs and moving costs incurred, together with any outstanding lot fee’s or charges or any other monies due under this agreement and the Owner may recover costs and/or monies owing in accordance with the provisions of the Act.


This license shall be renewed or terminated solely at the discretion of the Campground


THIS SITE HAS BEEN RENTED TO YOU.  IF YOU SELL YOUR TRAILER, IT MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE SITE.  Upon termination, the camper, his/her family and guests shall be deemed to be trespassers, under the Trespass to property Act, and the Campground is hereby appointed their respective agent for disconnecting services and removal of their trailer, structures and equipment.

Failure to abide by campground rules could result in immediate eviction without refund.

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